I conquered shin splints!

This is a momentous occasion, worthy of a blog post.  I have suffered with the dreaded shin splints on and off for the last two years and finally feel like I have beaten the beast.


– A couple of weeks off, even beyond the time when you feel like they’ve healed.

– Run less.  I was over doing it – increasing distance and time too soon. If you were trying to do four a week, cut down to two a week for a month and then build up when you feel definitely more than ready.

– Lots of stretching and strengthening exercises – stand, feet shoulder width apart, feet flat on floor and bend the knees as far as you can without heels leaving floor.  Repeat.

– Keep warm on a run – wear long trousers in cold weather – it just doesn’t feel right to have cold bones jarring off the pavement…

-…which brings me to the next point – get off the pavement! I run all my runs on roads and pavements or footpaths along the beach.  We all know this is not ideal.  City dwellers say, “I have no choice, there is no where off road that isn’t a car drive away.  And the parks all have paths anyway and running on the grass isn’t really acceptable.”  I would say just try once a week to take a train out of the city and run along a national trust route or something.  Or go into the woods, along a cliff path.  Sometimes this will only be a very short public transport ride away and is great to stretch the mind and legs.

Anybody else conquered this worst enemy of runners?  We’d love to hear about it.


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